"I'm Looking To Create The Next Elite Group of
7, 8 and 9 Figure Entrepreneurs..."
This is Your ONLY Opportunity to Join this Cutting Edge Mastermind at this Exclusive Discounted Investment...
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Location: Miami, Florida

You're invited to the beautiful city of Miami, FL where tactical secrets of Selling on Amazon will be revealed and invaluable networking will take place.

Dates: March 30th, 2018 to April 1st, 2018

There's nothing quite like spring in Miami, and you have the opportunity to share this action packed yet beautiful weekend with some of the most successful sellers on all of Amazon.
WARNING: This Mastermind is NOT for everyone. This is only for ambitious action takers who are ready to apply proven systems and sales boosting strategies to take your business to massive success. This is Also An Expensive Event for High Level Entrepreneurs! If you are not willing to do the work and put in the investment, DO NOT apply for this mastermind - you will not be accepted.
Join Me and Meet The EXCLUSIVE NETWORK of Amazon FBA Experts Responsible for Thousands of Keywords Ranked On Page 1, Hundreds of Best Selling Launches, and Millions of Dollars in Sales!
WARNING: When you decide to attend this Mastermind, you will learn a lot... but you're also going to Make Life Long Friends that are successful and like minded!
There's only a small handful of people who actually reveal what they are REALLY doing to Make MILLIONS on Amazon and the Internet...Every Single Step from A - Z is revealed in this Mastermind!
If you're reading this, then you've been hand selected and personally invited to get Exclusive Access to join me (Liz 'Hurricane' Herrera) to meet the network of people responsible for thousands of page one launches... In fact, in 2017 they've already done hundreds, and it's never been more push button!

When you decide to join me, you will become close friends with and learn from Amazon Sellers who are ACTUALLY SELLING MILLIONS of Dollars in Products per year in an intimate environment! You'll Get ONE on ONE advice from top sellers on how to grow and scale your business this year and for years to come!
Plus, you'll get a FREE Personalized business Blueprint put together by 7 and 8 figure Amazon sellers!

ACT NOW to sit down ONE on ONE with Amazon Sellers and get their advice on how to SCALE your business to the moon... Plus we will have the resources and teams there to help you one-on-one so you can achieve the sales targets you want and finally get the financial freedom and prosperity you deserve!
This is the ONLY time you will be able to apply at a very low, discounted price...
Discover The Mastermind That Will Change All Masterminds
Information is only as good as your ability to APPLY it to REAL WORLD problems in YOUR Business...
At this mastermind, we'll reveal all the underground information that everyone else is afraid to share... You'll learn what's going to work in 2018 and beyond. And you're also going to get tons of valuable bonuses as well as a tailored game plan for how to supercharge your business in the coming years!
The Wealth Creation Mastermind You've Been Waiting For
In this accelerated 'Make Masterminds Great Again' you will discover...
The A9 and A10 Changes for 2018 Launches
The 2018 revision of the exact strategy that has ranked thousands of products to #1 for their main keywords on Amazon! You'll receive the step-by-step bullet proof process and black and white data that shows the proof!
Value: $12,500.00
Fine Tuning for an Evergreen Account
With suspension being a major issue for sellers recently, we've discovered the cocktail to keep your account thriving and will hand you a plug and play template to get your account back if you ever do get suspended!
Value: $4,997.00
Crypto Tactics To Passively Build Wealth
Tactics with Crypto that will skyrocket your ability to buy Amazon products tenfold... You will learn exactly how I doubled my investment in 15 days!  And you will get instant access to this. No having to wait until you get to the mastermind.  *An NDA is Required to Learn This.
Value: $50,000.00
A 100% Customized Plan for Your Business
When's the last time you went home from an Event with a specific action list to implement in your business? You'll get feedback from everyone in the mastermind on how you (and they) can improve your business for 2018!
Value: $19,995.00
Cutting Edge Strategies No One Else Knows
You'll learn why these strategies aren't being taught anywhere else, and how you can start using them before anyone else! ...As a sneak peak, have you thought of using Facebook Chatbots in your Amazon business?
Value: Unlimited
Our Proprietary Cocktail for Lucrative PPC
Get the Exact Blueprint that not only drives tons of profitable sales with our Amazon PPC, but also improves rankings and makes us BANK!

and so much more...
Value: $3,500.00
FINALLY! A Mastermind Made of Real Successful Amazon Sellers That Delivers Real Results for YOU...
From the Desk of Hurricane Liz Herrera:
Dear future Super Star Entrepreneur,
Be Honest... What's Holding You Back from GROWING Your Business and Your Income by 10X or Even More This Year?

Whatever your current problems or obstacles are, I can tell you that they won't hold you back for long...
This Exclusive Mastermind combines the collective minds of over $500 Million in Amazon sales into one room for you to ask ANYTHING in 2018!

With a network of friends this powerful and exclusive, any road blocks you come across in your business can EASILY be dissolved, so you can start crushing you goals in 2018 without the same time, effort and wasted cash most sellers have to put in.

With the right network, you can do almost anything!

You see... Amazon is changing faster than ever.

In fact, at this very moment, there are thousands of sellers walking around thinking that the sky is falling.

And it's true... if you do what everyone else does... 
Don't Do what Everyone Else Does... Do What Works!
Fortunately for you, we have Outlined Exactly what you need to do and have proven time and time again that our methods work Every Time!

The data proves it...
We'll be sharing several exclusive and underground tactics that we are currently using and that are designed for the future of E-Commerce.

Furthermore, you'll get the opportunity to network and make lifelong friends with incredibly successful men and women.

For example... you'll shake hands with sellers who have launched thousands of people to the #1 position in Amazon for the most competitive keywords among many other millionaires.

You'll even have dinner with Legendary sellers who have sold 9 Figures on Amazon alone!
You'll Also Learn Strategies Nobody Else knows!
You'll get the Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to see the exact strategy our Speakers have used to rank products and drive sales.
In fact... we recently did an experiment that realized massive success!

Look at what one of our products did for one of the hottest products in the world today (a VR Headset)... Sales increased from 7 to 120 unit sales per day all within ONLY 17 days during a time that's considered a mess of massive turmoil within Amazon.

You can also see below that we did over $500,000.00 in sales in a single month on ONE account with TWO products, and I have more than one account and dozens of SKUs!

We're Handing You The EXACT Blueprint used to produce these results...
Mark my words... 2018 is going to be a great year. For Amazon. For CRYPTO. For Sales. And For You too!

I know that by attending this Mastermind event, you're going to not only receive the "Know How" on how to turn your business into a Sales Machine so you can have the financial freedom you deserve... but you're also going to meet the right people and make the right friends that will propel you to new heights!
Stop Working For and In Your Business... and Start Reaping the Fruitful Benefits of Your Hard Work!
If there's one important thing I've learned during my journey as an Amazon Seller, it's that making an obnoxious amount of money on Amazon is actually Really EASY!

Once you have the right systems in place, you can finally start reaping the benefits of the work you've put in, and you can live the lifestyle you've always wanted... That's been my goal for a long time, and I've finally got everything organized in an easy to follow process.

I want to give that same process to you!
Plus, you can even MAKE Money before attending this Event...
You will get INSTANT ACCESS to our Crypto Trading Room and my soon to be released course.. Consider it like coming to the Mastermind for FREE!

I hope to see you very soon. Just click the button below!
Bonus #1: The AMS Auto Pilot
You will get Exclusive Access to our proprietary process for running INSANELY Profitable AMS Ads. We're holding nothing back, and giving you Everything on a silver platter... even copies of our Internal SOPs!

This has never been revealed before, so you'll be the first to get access to this information... 
  •  Running ads with ACOS as Low as 0.17% ($997 value)
  •  Our EXACT Step-by-Step optimization process ($995 value)
  •  The SOPs we're actually using in our business DAILY! ($2,997 value)
  •  Outsourcing to cheap VAs so AMS is 100% Hands Off! ($1,200 value)
  •  Using a Secret URL to Skyrocket your rankings ($1,499 value)
  •  Using NLP to get 43% more Profitable Ads! ($1,288 value)
  •  "No AMS? No Problem... No one knows this! ($1,999 value)
$10,975.00 Value!
Bonus #2: The Elite Seller Rolodex!
We're saving you wasted time, money and effort by giving you the red carpet treatment where you'll get direct access to our experienced tested and true experts for ELITE sellers on Amazon...

That's right! We're handing you the keys to the kingdom. This Tested and True list of experts in their field will connect you with the right people and pay long term dividends for you and your business that are easily worth the price of admission alone!
  •  Our #1 Recommended sourcing agents and suppliers! ($1,997 value)
  •  Our vetted photographers and video editors! ($1,200)
  •  Direct access to our Ecommerce Tax Consultant! ($997)
  •  Tried and true attorneys that get things done! ($497 value)
  •  Expert graphic designers who work diligent and quick! ($599 value)
  •  Developers who are FAST, CHEAP, and QUALITY! ($2,000 value)
  •  ...and more!
$7,290.00 Value!
Bonus #3: The PET Software Suite!
As if all that wasn't enough, you're also getting access to our PET software suite which includes tons of powerful software designed to automate your business and take you to the next level!

You'll get access to everything from software that ranks your products in a TOS compliant way and review increasing tools to black hat ranking tools and online retail arbitrage machine that basically prints money for you on a daily basis with little to no effort!
  •  30 Days FREE of the Ecominator Software! ($497 value)
  •  The Ecominator drop shipping on Amazon Course! ($997 value)
  •  Your copy of the Sourceror's Sheet! ($48 value)
  •  The Powerful Super URL Generator! ($97 value)
  •  ...and more to Come Soon!
$2,821.00 Value!
Bonus #4: Crypto Crash Course!
This Mastermind also includes how to invest your money in the future. And we plan to give you just that... no stone un-turned. One of those things you'll be learning about is Cryptocurrency and why the next few years are full of some of the most life changing opportunities I've ever seen. In fact it's the hottest topic of 2018!

You're going to get access to thousands of dollars of information that we've learned by being apart of other masterminds... I'm even going to GIVE YOU $500 of BTC!
  •  100% FREE access to our Crypto Crash Course! ($1,997 value)
  •  Instant Access to our Telegram Trading Channel! ($999 value)
  •  Access to the ICO Mastermind! ($1,995 value)
  •  Start Making Money before you attend the Event!
  •  And Many, Many, MORE!
$4,991.00 Value!
Bonus #5: The Black Hat Black Belt!
We're giving you direct access to the deepest and darkest secrets of the A9 algorithm. By the end of this event, you'll have the skills and know how to leverage black hat tactics in the Amazon world that could make you Tens or Hundreds of Thousands in no time flat! But with great power comes great responsibility, so tread lightly...
  •  Tactic cannot be disclosed publicly #1... ($4,997 value)
  •  Tactic cannot be disclosed publicly #2... ($997 value)
  •  Tactic cannot be disclosed publicly #3... ($1,997 value)
  •  Tactic cannot be disclosed publicly #4... ($597 value)
  •  Direct Contact with our black hat hacker! ($Unlimited value)
$8,588.00 Value!
Bonus #6: Automation with A.I.
The most sophisticated, tactical opportunity of the decade. This gold rush has been Responsible for Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of sales in the Internet Marketing space... but these methods are not just limited to high ticket items like info products and software. In fact, this method is equally as (if not MORE) effective for physical products and Amazon FBA!
  •  Eliminating Monotonous tasks in your business! ($997 value)
  •  Creating a D.I.Y Press Release Machine! ($1,000 value)
  • Data you probably didn't know Amazon gives you! ($499 value)
$2,496.00 Value!
To Sum It All Up...
Here’s What You’ll Get When You INVEST:
  •  Fine Tuning for an Evergreen Account ($4,997.00 Value)
  •  Our Proprietary Cocktail for Lucrative PPC ($3,500.00 Value)
  •  The A9 and A10 Changes for 2018 Launches ($12,500.00 Value)
  •  A 100% Customized Plan for Your Business ($19,995.00 Value)
  •  Cutting Edge Strategies No One Else Knows (Unlimited Value)
  •  Crypto Tactics To Passively Build Wealth ($50,000.00 Value)
  •  Bonus #1 - The AMS Auto Pilot ($10,975.00 Value)
  •  Bonus #2 - The Elite Seller Rolodex ($7,290.00 Value)
  •  Bonus #3 - PET Software Suite ($2,821.00 Value)
  •  Bonus #4 - Crypto Crash Course ($4,991.00 Value)
  •  Bonus #5 - The Black Hat Black Belt ($8,588.00 Value)
  •  Bonus #6 - Automation with A.I. ($2,497.00 Value)
 TOTAL VALUE: AT LEAST $128,154.00
Your Network Is Your Net Worth...
. . .and this Mastermind Will Connect You with the Right People!
All you have to do is connect yourself with the right network and everything in your life and business will grow and change for the better...
As your Mastermind event comes to a close, you will walk away with a refreshed mindset, creative ideas, cutting edge software, a brilliant action plan, and so much more. But I also know that you will leave the event with New Life Long Friends and invaluable connections that will improve your life and take your business to the next level.

As an avid networker myself, I've made special arrangements for you and all other members of the mastermind to ensure you make valuable connections atop learning cutting edge strategies for Amazon in 2018. Even when the event has ended, I know that it will be just the beginning of the true value you take away.

Getting to know someone or making a close friend at this Mastermind could easily open the floodgates to unlimited opportunities. Imagine if you made just one connection that could double your business... you could even discover your next business partner!
"I met Liz, and many other influential Amazon Sellers when I went to my very first Mastermind in 2016... I never would have thought that just one event would change my life forever. At just 21 years old, not only is my income now greater than anyone else in my entire family, but I'm also a happier and better person than I've ever been! It's true that just ONE connection can change everything, and I made dozens at my first Mastermind event."  

- Joshua Hudson
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